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Steroids Essay

  • Submitted by: dominicn6
  • on March 27, 2014
  • Category: English
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Dominic Norato
English 3 3rd Block
Mrs. Whidden
Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Steroids: Cheating or not cheating?
Winners never cheat and cheaters never win. This is a slogan that people live by except for some that try to cheat their way to the top. Cheaters try to use any means to get to the top, and one of the means are steroids. Steroids were first developed in 1930, in Europe, and they were first intended for muscle tissue repair (Edward Dolan, 1986). As time went on they spread all other the world and their use was abused. Competitors began abusing steroids in the 1980s (Trevor Butterworth, 2012). Athletes dope themselves to try to build muscle to run faster and lift more weight. They believe continuing and increasing dosages would give greater benefits (Edward Dolan, 1986). There are no signs of steroid abuse right away but as years go by the signs tend to show more and more. Famous athletes and other competitors use steroids to cheats, but none of them looked at the risk of using this drug.
First of all, the steroid epidemic began long ago with many famous athletes using this drug to gain the edge in their sport. A famous weight lifter named Larry Pacifico broke nine records in his sport, but while having surgery on his elbow, he suffered at heart attack. The doctors run test on him and discovered that Larry had three clogged arteries, one of which was ninety-nine percent blocked (Edward Dolan, 1986). Another example of a famous competitor that used the drug was a pitcher, His name is Roger Clemens. Clemens dominated in the majors as a pitcher, and he was well known for his fastball which earned him the nickname rocket. He won seven Cy young awards, but it was all short lived after he was accused of taking steroids. Clemens was accused by other pitchers in the league and some baseball staff workers. He endured a long court trial, and he would have prevented this all from happening if he would have never used the drug. Another superstar was accused of...

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