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Stem Cell Research Should Be Supported Essay

  • Submitted by: TheAfrojack
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Marcel Alexander Living Environment
Class 9F December 21, 2013
Stem Cell Research should be Supported!
        Good Morning, Vatican City! My name is Marcel Alexander and I would like to talk to you about why we shouldn’t push away such advances in science like Stem Cell Research, but embrace it with open arms because it can, and might, save perhaps your lives and many other people just like you!                                                                                                     Stem Cell research is a practice that is beneficial because it can do things like cure diseases that were once incurable and many other wonders by the use of Stem Cells. It has a truly engrossing history that has been tainted with debate and controversy ever since its discovery in 1978. There is a need for stem cell research because it can detect and stop diseases, leading to less fatalities. Some people or against it because they believe the practice involves both the creation and destruction of potential life. They believe it is a sinister practice that violates Exodus 20:13: “Thou shall not kill”.   I truly believe that stem cell research is helpful because stem cells have strong regenerative properties that can help the human body and their infinite quantity can lead to new discoveries and unknown cures to even more health problems, all for a small price.
Firstly, I believe stem cell research is useful and constructive because it has strong properties of regeneration. This means that by using stem cell research, doctors can regrow and recreate body parts. This practice has been proven successful in techniques such as skin grafting. When someone’s skin has become damaged to the point of where medical attention is needed, skin grafting is one of the only options. First, some skin cells or keratinocytes are taken from the patient. Next they are grown in a controlled environment until there is enough skin. Lastly, the skin is then re-attached to the...

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