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State vs Individualism Essay

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  • on March 27, 2014
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Below is an essay on "State vs Individualism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

State vs. Individual
        Aquinas and Luther put Christian faith in their lives. They believe that the scriptures can be used to reason with anything thrown into their ways. Aquinas was an Italian priest and an influential philosopher, during the 1225 – 1274 periods, who wrote Summa Theologica. Luther was German monk, during the 1483 – 1546 periods, who wrote many works depicting his view on the catholic world using the Christian scriptures. Some of them were “On the Babylonish Captivity of the Church”, “The Papacy of Rome”, and “On the Bondage of the Will. ” Although Aquinas and Luther used the Christian scriptures in their works, their ideas in the authority of the Christian scriptures were different. Aquinas supported the state while Luther supported the individual.
      Christian scriptures proved Aquinas’s idea of the highest authority, which was the state in the context of whether there is such a thing as just war. In the Summa Theologica, the just war must satisfy three different conditions. One of the conditions is the idea of highest authority. Who gets the last word? It is the “authority of the sovereign by whose command the war is to be waged. For it is not the business of a private individual to declare war.” (1 Aquinas) Aquinas believes that the ruler or in this case, the sovereignty of the state of which the war is declared has the right to be the one who commands all the individuals. In other words, the state is the highest spot. Aquinas uses the Christian scripture (Rm. 13:4) “ he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute upon him that doth evil” (2 Aquinas) to justify the statement that it is the command of the state’s ruler to avenge for he is the god’s speaker. Aquinas believes that the church is the ultimate leader of such godly law. Aquinas proves this in his work, Summa Theologica, “clerics may, by the authority of their superiors, take part in wars” by the scripture (Joshua 6:4). In other words, it...

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