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State Of Depression Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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State of Depression

Depression is a mood ailment that leads to imminent feelings of sadness and hopelessness. And while it may also cause unpredictable behavior, there are circumstances where depression can be studied, diagnosed, and treated. According to statistics, twenty million Americans will suffer at least one episode of depression during their lifetime. In Generation Me Dr. Twenge states, "Why today’s young Americans are more confidant, assertive, entitled– and more miserable than ever before." This showcases that while young adults today might seem more advanced and happier than past generations, they are just as, or arguably more depressed than the young adults in the past time periods. In our other words, our generation has a lot of ups and downs. Every generation suffers from different issues but the one issue that has been a constant throughout time is depression. This disorder is a long and dark nightmare that is hard to recover from, as it brings people to a gloomy and discouraged state in which they do
not see the positive side in situation. A woman in her thirties that was diagnosed with depression says about the syndrome, "When my depression hit me, there is no color everything is dark colorless, hopeless, and gloomy. I feel that death is better than life, I feel the world spinning out of control and that I can’t control myself. I don’t eat or sleep; when I do get sleep the dreams are normally bad and include killing myself and others".
These strong feelings show that this is a serious condition capable of causing ample damage to one's emotional and physical states.
Depression, in all of its forms, is not limited to a single country, continent, or hemisphere. It affects people from all sides of the planet and it is a dangerous medical condition that not only does it influence the depressed person but also the family and friends that he or she is surrounded by. Depression can hit all elements of a person's every day life. It significantly...

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