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Stakeholders: Mission Commanders Essay

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Stakeholders: Mission Commanders

Trident University International

Who are the stakeholders in this dilemma?   I would say all servicemen and servicewomen in the United States military but more specifically, mission commanders.   Wikipedia (2013) says, the Department of Defense estimates there are about 19,000 sexual assaults in the military per year but according to the latest Pentagon statistics (2013), only 1,108 troops filed for an investigation during the most recent yearly reporting period and during that period, only 575 cases were processed.   Of the cases processed, only 96 went to court-martial.   Mission commanders have to be concerned with these numbers because all the men and women that they command see that this issue destroys a work environment.   The numbers also, show that there are not many people being prosecuted.   Furthering the deterioration of everyone’s work environment.   The air force uses multiple forms of training to deal with sexual harassment/assault issues.   Our leaders are concerned and know how this issue can hurt the mission I hope to give you my opinion on this issue and the concerns of our mission commanders.

Stakeholders: Mission Commanders
In the United States, we always want to feel that we have the greatest military in the world.   The men and women of the military would echo that thought.   Sexual assault and sexual harassment tarnishes the views of our citizens.   Even more, our leaders have to be swift with measures to end such trends.   I have been a member of the United States Air Force for 20+ years and I have always had a sense of pride being a member of the USAF and always supported my leadership.   Mission commanders have a direct line to get the message to the troops concerning this problem.   They have to discuss this to assure all troops understand that this is an unwelcome act and we, as...

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