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Stage #1 Composition Essay

  • Submitted by: ArghyaA1
  • on June 24, 2014
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5 May 2014
Does been Bilingual affect your reading skill and confidence?
Have you been in that situation where you have to re-read your novel,article or even homework assignment twice or even three times , because you didn't understand the main point of it? Or maybe you’re writing in your laptop , or computer , and in every single paragraph there's at least fifthteens words are underlined in red color because their misspelled ? . And the first thing that goes through your mind is “I'm never going to be able to write an essay as perfect as students that have live here since kindergarten!” or “ I'm never going to read an article, novel etc. only once like normal people !” . Right? And probably your first language is Spanish and not English, for many reason’s , if this is your situation , I get what you’re going through because it happens to me all the time I have to read , or write , and I know how frustrating it is believe me .
But even though spanish been your first language that does not mean you automatically have to give up in your writing and reading college class, because there's many of fantastic authors out there that their first language was spanish also , or maybe not exactly spanish it might have been korean, french, australian, etc,. And what do they do they suck it up and read , write, read, write until they get better ,than what you think to make their dreams come true as a novelist or even an english teacher, and by this you can make your reading and writing the way you wish you can write and read;   In order to get an insight look about   “How students feel about their first language not been english and how they are struggling in college”?., I gave out a survey to two college freshman. Based on the previous question I told you “How students feel about their first language not been english and how they are struggling in college?” .
The first student that I gave the survey she was a freshman , and her first language was korean, and this is...

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