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                                                          URBAN DESTRUCTION
In the 1980s, the neoliberal changes in the world economy and, in parallel, accelerating process of globalization, the whole world has brought a drastic change in cities. Finance-based economic restructuring has given great damage to people and the city because it sees a city as a capital and as a center of unearned income. Urban transformation in Istanbul is a situation as a result of this approach. It causes problems that threatened human life and city when it is applied because environment has been ignored and also people who live in the urban transformation area are ignored. Thus, urban transformation in Istanbul is clearly harmful for the city and people who live in the Istanbul owing to its disruptive influence.  
Urban transformation has negative effects on Istanbul in regarding as pleasure of unearned income which politicians have and ignoring environment. To begin with, urban transformation harms the environment because it causes the environmental disaster. Green place are destroyed to create new life land. Urban transformation in Istanbul is offered as a solution to solve problem of urbanization. When administrators want to solve this problem, they destroy forest in Istanbul to create new life area. For example, if Maslak 1453 project is done, 320 square meter area will be disappeared. If state administrators continue to apply such senseless urban transformation, we will see concrete buildings everywhere instead of green places. For example, state administrators asked to demolish Gezi Parkı which is the latest green place in Taksim in Istanbul because they want to do shopping center. Therefore, urban transformation sometimes leads to unsightly concrete buildings.  
In addition to negative effects of urban transformation for the city, it has negative effects for people who live in Istanbul. Firstly, people who live in urban transformation areas become a victim. Namely, people who...

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