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Ssop22 Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: veracity
  • on June 25, 2014
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There are many ways to communicate with individuals with sensory loss. For individuals who suffer from a lack or loss of hearing, visual sign language can be used, and for individuals who do not understand sign language a support worker can use word, suggestion or prompt cards so that an individual can make there needs known. For individuals who still have the capacity to write in understandable form, this too will be a good way for a support worker and service user to effectively communicate with each other. For individuals with a lack of vision, clear and audible language can be used as well as deafblind sign for those who know it. Forms of makaton can also be used for individual who suffer from these sensory loses. Touch, when it comes to communication with an individual who is without sight, can be dubious. A support worker must always remember to keep a level of intimacy clear when touching or holding a service user to indicate the need to shave (by stroking their cheek) or assisting is movement (holding hands or a hand placed on a service user’s lower back).

Visual aids, such as picture or word cards, will allow a service user to demonstrate their needs if a support worker were to use these cards as prompts or suggestions. Pictures can show drinks and food, activities and hygienic needs. Service users who suffer from hearing as well as verbal communication loss can use these. Deafblind sign is the spelling out of the word by touching specific areas of the service users palm and fingers. The service user themselves will sign back using their own hands, so careful reading is needed. Service users who are deaf, blind, and suffer from a loss of verbal communications skills can use this. British Sign Language can use a range of gestures and hand signals to and from a service user who has verbal and hearing impairment to form words and understandings and verbal communication with those...

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