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Sports Summary

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  • on September 3, 2013
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“Sports Talk-Sports Battles”
In Sally Jenkins essay "Education, Athletics: The Odd Couple" (Published September 13, 2002), Jenkins asserts that the last thing we can apply to college sports any more is absolutism. With this she approaches the publication of a book called Reclaiming the Game, by William G. Bowen and Sarah A. Levin. Reclaiming the Game takes a stern look at the Ivies and other so-called "elite" colleges and reaches some startling conclusions. Bowen and Levin conclude that recruited athletes that under-perform academically and have lower SAT scores than their peers by 119-165 points are four times more likely to be admitted to the Ivies than other students. One of the more interesting conclusions reached by Bowen and Levin, is that academic hypocrisy is rampant. Following this Jenkins includes the difficulty Ohio State is having fighting off the taint of academic scandal and how Vanderbilt has presented itself as a paragon of academic virtue. Andy Geiger, Ohio States Athletic Director, suspended Clarett for accepting money against NCAA rules. Meanwhile, Gordon Gee, Vanderbilt Chancellor, announced he was doing away with his athletic department. Although it turns out that Gee is not cutting any sports, or scholarships. Both gentlemen have varied resumes and are no strangers to big athletic programs. So, it all comes down to the question, "What are college sports for?" Or what a college is for. The chief event that occurs in college is the emancipation of your head, Jenkins adds. Hopefully, the outcome of this formative emancipation of, carouses un-enforced by parents or the main undertaking of a student is understanding; because no one expects him or her to come up with anything resembling consistency, which leads to the development of one's own interior hall monitor.
My opinion on this article is positive and negative. I do agree with Jenkins that people who want to apply pat reforms or even or even a consistent philosophy to college athletics are...

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