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Sports Is a Metaphor for Life Essay

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  • on June 25, 2014
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Sports – a metaphor for life
Sport is one of the most controversial topics in the world. People either love it or hate it, however, regardless of one’s personal opinion, the fact remains – sport teaches us many valuable life lessons and can even be seen as a metaphor for life.
The main focus of sport is of course competition. Although many people, including Joe Humphreys, believe that sport and competition have an adverse effect on people, healthy competition is actually beneficial. It tests one’s ability to perform and encourages one to work harder for the next competition. It sets a more serious tone and often shows that hard work pays off. Competition also teaches us that it is acceptable to lose sometimes and this acknowledgement is important as in life you will never be the absolute best at anything and it is important to recognise this.
Goal-setting is one of the most important aspects in sports. Even the smaller, less significant objectives such as winning a match are regarded as a goal. Goals are extremely important as they give us something to look forward to and something to work hard for. They encourage and motivate us and are essential to ensure success.
Sport requires vast amounts of self discipline. Both professional athletes as well as those who participate in sports for fun set themselves goals. They then need to work hard to achieve these goals and the only way to do this is to practise. They must motivate themselves to practise as often as possible, even on the days they do not feel up to it. This kind of self discipline is extremely important in all faucets of life and can be applied easily to everyday tasks.
Sport encourages positivity. All athletes are aware that they will not always win or perform to the best of their ability. This does not mean they should give up, however. Most athletes accept this graciously and remain committed and confident no matter the outcome. This positivity is a great metaphor for life as a person should...

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