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Spoken Language Draft Essay

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  • on February 27, 2014
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Evaluate public attitudes towards spoken language choices

Transcript 1:
Friend 1: Alright mate, haven't seen each other in bare long
Friend 2: Init what you been up to
Friend 1: nothing much same old
Friend 2: Oh basical-
Friend 1: Actually this really fun thing happened on the bus the other day
Friend 2: Oh isit spill
Friend 1: Basically-
Friend 2: Wait is it about that guy chirpsing you, I think you told me

Transcript 2:
Interviewer: Hello Mr Smith, it's a pleasure you could come, take a seat, want some water?
Interviewee: Hello, it's a pleasure to be here and no thank you
Interviewer: Well firstly why do you want this job?
Interviewee: Uhh, well I'm confident in myself and uh have a lot of expirence to back that i can do well

In my first transcript it shows that two friends are having a casual conversation which includes slang and interuptions. This conversation is informal meaning that this is seen as casual, none of the friends are inferior or superior because both are casual with interuptions which would be other wise seen as rude if this happened in a conversation where someone had the lead (was more superior to the other). Slang is the continual and ever-changing use and definition of words in informal conversation which is mostly used by the youth making the media recognise that as a sign of immaturity, irresponsibility and unintelligence. However, slang is a signal of belonging for adolescents; the more up-to-date and comfortable with the new "it" words and phrases, this is what transcript 1 shows. Idiolect, words like "init" and "isit" trying to shorten sentences to make them seem more comfortable and friendly.

In Transcript 2 it shows someone going for a job interview, the conversation shows clear superior and inferior cases which is the interviewer is the superior in this case because they are the one who are giving the job/vacancy available and it shows that the interviewee is showing respect through answering...

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