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Speed Cameras Essay

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SppSpeed Cameras
Speed Cameras
Is it another con? Or is it another excuse? Or just another reason to exploit the most law abiding majority of drivers amongst us, where it was reported at the time, that we were already one of the safest countries, in the world, to drive in.
This great government's novel idea to introduce a speed camera; ‘a roadside speed camera designed to catch speeding vehicles by taking video footage or a photograph' Wordpower Dictionary; Was it another illustrious plan to gain public trust? What trust? Apply greater pressure on to our police to enforce this ridiculous money making scheme, and basically that's all it is, it's a way of squeezing more money out of the innocent motorist, when they should be out there catching real criminals; like our corrupt politicians as a classic example.
The Independent has indicated the country's biggest force; The Metropolitan Police has refused to put up more speed cameras, despite government support to do so. It argues that the increase of cameras would fuel public bitterness towards the police, in what could be seen as a getting even more money out of the motorist.
Speed cameras are to be seen as nice little earners. In Northamptonshire, the "cash for cameras" scheme where the local police allowed allowed to keep the money from speeding fines; brought about a major increase in convictions. In Essex alone, a single camera on the M11 raised just short of a million in a single week.
Chief constables were undecided as to how the cameras should be displayed, a highly ranking officer of Norfolk police, wanted them to be "bright and visible". That avoided the perception that they are cunningly hidden away to increase police profits. However, it also had a flaw, because serial offenders will simply brake as they approached the camera, and then speed up once past detection.
Richard Alleyne of the Guardian reported in the last year alone, the number of speeding tickets has exceeded 1.5m for the first time,...

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