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Speech Poem Essay

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  • on September 4, 2013
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Special Occasion Speech
A toast to the groom – By the Maid of Honour

As most of you already know, my name is Esther.   I’m not related to Katherine, to me she’s like a sister. As her maid of honour, I’m so excited to be able to take part of the most special day of her life as she and Michael come together as one.   I’d like to thank both sides of the family for making this day happen.   In this poem there are some things you haven’t heard, so I hope you enjoy it!

The first time I met Katherine, was a long time ago,
Back in the ice age times, when Adelaide had snow.

For twelve years of my life I lived overseas,
I didn’t see her or really know her, but yet that time flew by like a breeze.

Around the middle of 2011, at the age of fifteen,
We finally reunited; I was so hyper even without the caffeine!

In my eyes when I first saw her she was a beautiful young lady,
I prayed to God that she would become my friend maybe.

It didn’t take long for that prayer to come true,
She became my best friend and turned my grey skies into blue.

The very best memories that I can recall,
She was in all of them, and not to mention that night drive home with her brother Paul.

It was Christmas day and nearly four in the morning,
We were tired and laughed at some jokes that the next days were corny.

We laughed so hard that he told us off,
And knowing Paul, we knew we needed to stop.

Her family welcomed me as part of the family too,
Dishes and cleaning was a privilege and made me feel at home, it’s true!

When Tasha and Julie got involved in the fights that we had,
It would send Goosebumps down my spine and would make me real mad.

But honestly those fights didn’t last very long,
And after each one, our friendship grew strong.

Friday nights were the sleepovers, and for us that meant fun.
We would talk all night long until told off by her mum.

Sleeping on the trampoline under the stars,
Then eaten alive by mosquitos was a bit bizarre....

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