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Source Code Essay

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Source Code
Source Code focuses on the human perception of what is reality and not reality, suggesting that what is real may only occur or manifest in the human mind. Only the mind can comprehend whether its existence is real or not through interaction or familiarity of its surroundings.
In the film ‘Source Code’ Captain Colter Stevens a dead US Army Pilot is kept alive by a military sanctioned program ‘Source Code’. This program enables Captain Stevens to cross over into the last eight minutes of a man’s life through chemical makeup in a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train and to stop the man’s much larger target of downtown Chicago. Captain Colter Stevens relives those eight minutes over and over again gathering vital clues to finding the bomber.
Throughout the film Captain Colter Stevens who has been assigned to this military task questions the position and the reality in which he is in. Dr. Rutledge the inventor of the program and Captain Goodwin a US Army officer employed to inform and instruct Captain Stevens in this assignment explain the situation to him as unchangeable and unimportant in the Source Code. This idea supports Camus’ theory of the Absurd, of the collision between our human desire for order, meaning and purpose in life and that of the blank indifferent silence or pointless of the universe
The entire film depicts the idea of absurdity and human’s desire for order compared to and in rival with the randomness of the universe.
In the scene where Captain Stevens discovers who the bomber is, he takes it upon himself to stop the occurrence of the bigger explosion described and reiterated of its importance by Dr. Rutledge and Captain Goodwin by following the bomber off the train to his van which holds the bomb set to be used as the explosive. This scene reinforces Camus’ notion of absurdity in the way Captain Stevens chases the bomber to his van and shows him evidence of how he knows about this man’s plan to...

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