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Sorry Essay

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  • on September 3, 2013
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Kinetic and Potential Energy Lab
  I. Problem: Can we prove that energy is conserved measuring the kinetic and potential energy of pendulum?
  II. Research: Kinetic energy is in the form of motion. It equals ½*mass*velocity². Network is the change in KE. By change I mean final minus initial. Potential energy is in motionless objects giving the potential energy a change. There are 2 types of potential energy, elastic and gravitational energy. Elastic energy is by things that stretch or compress. The equation is PEₑ=½KX². K is the elastic constant in N/m, X is the elongation or compression in m and PEₑ is the potential energy in joules. Gravitational energy has an equation of PEₒ=mgh. M is the mass of an object at kg, g is the gravity in m/s², h is the height of an object in m and PEₒ is the gravitational potential in joules.
  III. Hypothesis: If we measure the potential and kinetic energy of the pendulum then will prove and find the amount of energy conserved.
  IV. Experimental Procedure: Measure the height as you wish to release pendulum. Then measure the height of the pendulum at rest. After that you find the difference of both heights and make it your new height h. since energy is conserved; KE=PE. ½mv²=mgh, solve for v. this is your theoretical velocity. Now test v using the photo gate.
  V. Data/Observation:
Photo gate |
1 | 3.128 |
2 | 3.094 |
3 | 3.013 |
Average | 3.098 |
½mv²=mgh Independent: Time
-½(20) v²= (20) (9.8) (.59)   Dependent: The weight swinging
10v²=115.64 Control: height
v²=11.564 Constant: photograph
v=± 3.401 Quantitative data
VI. Analysis:
  1. Calculate the %error.

  2. What unit is used for potential energy?

  3. Based on your data is total energy conserved? Why or why not?

VII. Conclusion: In conclusion our hypothesis was supported, to find the energy conserved when we set equal our kinetic and potential energy. I learned that kinetic and potential energy...

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