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Sonnet Essay

  • Submitted by: chicca1
  • on March 19, 2012
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Imperfect Love
A sonnet is a fourteen-lined poem. During the English Renaissance, two famous poets used sonnets to present points on their ideas of love. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 presents the idea that love is not perfect. On the other hand, Spenser’s Sonnet 75 presents all the perfections of love.
The poet of Sonnet 130 uses humor to contrast that love has flaws along with the woman that is imperfect as well. The poet states that “My mistress eyes are nothing like the sun; coral is far more red than her lips’ red” (Lines 1 and 2). This is an example on how she doesn’t have the brightest eyes or extremely red lips, yet in the end the speaker states “And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare, as any she belied with false compare” (Lines 13 and 14). That quote shows that the poets tone turns to serious to explain he loves her because of her imperfections.
The poet in sonnet 75 demonstrates to the reader how love cannot last forever along with the life of humans. The poet points out to the reader that he constantly keeps writing the woman’s name in the sand to show his love and passion towards her. Although the waves continue to wash it away he steady tries to write it and this demonstrates his effort to make her last for eternity. In the sonnet the poet states” Vain man, she said, that doest in vain assay a mortal thing so to immortalize” (Lines 5 and 6).   The quote showed that the woman sees the man as a fool for trying because she sees it as whenever she dies her name will be forgotten, yet he feels his love for her is forever.
In conclusion the two poets show that love is all in the eye of the beholder, meaning just because one idea is different doesn’t make it wrong because there are various views on love. Everyone as individuals sees love in numerous ways and expresses it in a way that shows how strong the feelings are towards their significant other. This essay showed that the word “love” has a different meaning to everybody.

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