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Song of the Family Essay

  • Submitted by: cat9909
  • on September 3, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Song of the Family
As the sound of my phone vibrating against my nightstand wakes me up, my eyes slowly open. It is another school day and I take a deep breath to start it off. I sit up on my bed and stretch out every stiff muscle inside of my body. I check the time on my phone, 5:40, and force myself out of the bed. The cold wooden floor touches my feet, and the hairs on my arm stand up. I slowly walk towards the light switch, and I turn on the light. My weak eyes burn as they come in contrast with the blinding light. I slip my feet into my purples slippers as my feet as cold as a block of ice begins to warm up. I reach and twist the golden doorknob as the gold hinges begin to make a loud creak.
Outside of my room waiting for me is my dog. His warm brown eyes and the fierce wagging of his bushy tail greet me. I grab my sweater and I go outside to my backyard. As the sound of my dogs’ claws hitting the deck fills my ears, I see the dark sky scattered with an occasional star. The cold windy air brushes the hair into my face and my dog runs back up to me, and we walk up the steps together and come to the door. As I open the door, the rush of warm air overcomes my body. I go back into my room and quietly open my drawer and I cringe because I fear of making a loud creak.   I reach for my clothes, and I grab my glasses on the nightstand. Suddenly, everything goes from vague, to crystal clear.
I walk out of my room and go into the bathroom. I get chills as the cold metal faucet comes in contact with the warmth of my hand. I turn on the water to the temperature I like, and I begin to splash my face. With every splash of cold water, I become more and more awake.   I quickly brush my teeth and I pat my hands and face dry onto a clean white towel and I walk back into my room. I hear a loud creak above my head, and I know my mom is awake. As I scramble into my clothes, I hear the footsteps coming down the stairs. I reach for my bottle of perfume and spritz it on my wrist...

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