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Soldiers Are Not Heroic Essay

  • Submitted by: Lemonny
  • on August 31, 2013
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Soldiers are not heroes

As the myths refer, soldiers are those heroic humans who fight against their enemies bravely and decently obey the orders from their sergeants. However, it is not the case in reality. According to the novel Generals die in bed by Charles Yale Harrison, soldiers are not as heroic as what people normally expect. They are not bravely fighting their enemies, and they don't care for their mates while the wars are going on. In order to survive the extremely unpleasant conditions, soldiers are selfish, what they only concern is to feed their own skin instead of fighting for the freedom. Therefore, soldiers are not heroes.

Soldiers are not heroes because they are not brave. Before the soldiers are sent to the front, they've already shown great fear toward the war. Unknown of what's going to happen as the war begins, soldiers do feel fearful about the uncertainty of the war.   "I don't want to die,……I don't want to go up the line any more……" some soldiers even predict their futures which is death by singing with pathos. The war begins. Under the great fear of the creepy, intensive bombardment, everyone hugs the earth, cowering in the bottom of the trench, which is not a heroic deed at all. Yet, this is all they can and have to do. Showing bravery, brandishing their rifles and bayonets will only get themselves killed instead of being heroes. Soldiers are frightened animals, the narrator himself even poos him self under the intolerant horror of shrieking shells, he knows he may be tore into pieces in any moment. Those who don't believe in god even pray for surviving when the bombardment striking them. When they are taking aggressive actions, they don't fight bravely either. Heroes should fight without showing fear or being panic-stricken whereas the narrator panics violently when he is raiding the enemies and struggling with that German soldier. Before the narrator goes for the raid, he drinks rum to induce himself and he shows pity...

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