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Solar Auto Irrigation System Essay

  • Submitted by: saiswathi
  • on September 4, 2013
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      Agriculture is one of the most important aspects in our life. It is the only field, which maintains human life to survive in earth. Without food no one can able to live and we all get that through this. In this scientific world we can able to automate each and every process in order to reduce the manual workload and also the time consumption.

      It will be more useful if we introduce automation in this agricultural field. Here we are going to reduce the manual work due to irrigation through embedded systems.

Irrigation is the key to a successful garden. Long gone are the days of manual watering or relying on a friend to water when you are on vocation or away on business. The project presented here waters your plants regularly when you are out for vocation .the circuit comprises sensor parts built using op-amp LM324. Op-amp is configured here as a comparator.

      4Two stiff copper wires are inserted in the soil to sense the weather the soil is wet or dry .The comparator monitors the sensor and when sensor sense the dry condition then the project will switch on the motor and it will switch off the motor when sensor is wet. The comparator does the above job it receives the signals from the sensors.

2.1 Introduction:

      An embedded system is a system which is going to do a predefined specified task is the embedded system and is even defined as combination of both software and hardware. A general-purpose definition of embedded systems is that they are devices used to control, monitor or assist the operation of equipment, machinery or plant. "Embedded" reflects the fact that they are an integral part of the system. At the other extreme a general-purpose computer may be used to control the operation of a large complex processing plant, and its presence will be obvious.

      All embedded systems are including computers or microprocessors. Some of these computers are however very simple systems as...

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