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Sociology Essay Question.

  • Submitted by: sammy0X0
  • on February 2, 2012
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In certain areas of family life some sociologists would argue that only minor changes have taken place throughout the home, gender roles and relationships.
When it comes to housework Young and Willmott argued that men help out with it a lot more than before, and almost believe it's symmetrical, as beforehand they would just work and all household duties would be left to the mother/wife. This is due to the growth of privatised families, this is where families up-root themselves and move away from their extended family; geographical mobility and women working was also a reason as to why the males helped out more. Also, labour saving technology was brought it, this meant that males had to find different kinds of jobs, and while doing this they spent more time at home, and so women felt that they should be sharing domestics. In contrast to this argument Oakly, a feminist, argued that Young and Willmott's evidence was too weak and that it could mean that the males only did the hoovering once a month. She collected her own evicence and found that only 15% of males did a lot of work, and those that did do this seemed to only do the "fun" side of childcare. Both of these studies were early. Warde & Hetheringotn found that males only tended to do housework when their partners weren't around. However, they found that there was an attitude change towards housework from young males. They found that 60% of men claimed to do housework, but this doesn't state what sort, or how often, in comparison to the 75% of mothers who said that the fathers did less housework than themselves.
In childcare Boulton found that fewer than 20% of husbands had a role in childcare, suggesting that gender roles and relationships are both un-equal, believing that Young and Willmott also exaggerated. Although they do think that the fathers may take responsibilty for certain tasks, it's nearly always left to the mother to take care of the childs well being. Ferri and Smith also agree with this...

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