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Sociology Essay

  • Submitted by: wolfattack69
  • on October 13, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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The Proper Self
My name is Lenny Polevoy and I am going to analyze four different music videos. I am going to show how music greatly influences the world and how powerful the meanings are. Mass media and popular culture have a big effect on the world and how we act.
The first music video I chose was "Everyday Im Hustlin" by Rick Ross. I chose this one because I personally love rap and see it as a way to express poetic art. I also like to rap and have made various songs because I feel it is a creative way to express ones self and get to the true meaning of ones "proper self". It represents masculinity because in the video Rick Ross portrays money, sex and power. He talks about business and getting different women. Rick Ross is telling a story about how he   sold drugs, knew a lot of powerful people, and hustles to survive in the streets. He connects life, dealing drugs,death and literature in this song. The song endorses hustling by any means necessary to make a living and get by. It supports drugs,sex,power, and killing. The song portrays the "American Dream" to live a successful life, make a lot of money, and get many beautiful women. Rick Ross portrays his fantasy in a way that shows him achieving his goals by hustling his way to the top. I can relate to this song and so can everybody else. Everyone goes to school or gets a job or does something as a form of income to survive. Rick Ross is merely showing that everybody hustles in their own way. The whole point of this song is that we are all hustlers.
The second music video I chose was "Fat Lip" by Sum 41. I chose this one because It is nostalgic to me. I use to listen to Sum 41 a lot back in the day and i considered myself somewhat of a punk. I still sort of am but I love the band and they prove a good point in this video about not conforming. It represents masculinity and femininity as equal in the sense of rebelling and not conforming. The video shows a man and a woman kissing by a road and not caring. The...

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