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Sociology Essay

  • Submitted by: justbechill123
  • on May 7, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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1) The film “Smoke Signals” definitely highlights the importance of storytelling and listening.   The main characters, Thomas and Victor, are both Native Americans with difficult childhoods. Thomas is an eccentric, tribal style, storyteller with deep roots in his Native American culture. Victor on the other hand, tries to almost fit the stereotype of a stoic, expressionless, Native American. Throughout the film, Victor and Thomas’ lives are played back in flashbacks giving the film a mysterious feel about it and hints at the importance of storytelling from the beginning. The entire culture of Native Americans revolves around the importance of storytelling. It is how Native Americans learn; they listen to the stories and tales passed down through the generations, each with its own purpose or meaning.   In western culture, the difference is immense. We confuse the high speed access to information, with knowledge. With the increasing availability of information, we forget to actually learn and comprehend the mass amount of information that we are force-fed on the daily. We then confuse the regurgitation of said information as knowledge. With storytelling, it is completely different. You actually have to sit and listen and follow the storyteller’s voice as he or she leads you on a journey.   It makes you think about what they’re saying, and through this you are able to learn and comprehend the meaning and in turn become knowledgeable. The film “Smoke Signals” highlights the importance of listening and storytelling. Without Thomas’ stories and Victors reactions to the stories the viewer would not understand or empathize with the characters. The viewer almost feels the emotions of the characters for themselves. That is how powerful and enthralling the storytelling and stories of Thomas are. Thomas’ stories build the plot and climax of the film, they are the film. Through the stories you are brought into the childhoods of the characters and their lives which brought...

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