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Sociology- Alienation Essay

  • Submitted by: shelmaliers
  • on December 16, 2011
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Foundations of Sociology
Essay : Outline and Discuss Marx’s Theory of Alienation

Sociology was born through the need of social change after social problems such as crime, urban light and homelessness began to emerge after the Industrial Revolution.
            Amongst other things Karl Marx was an excellent German sociologist (1818-1883). He was a communist manifesto and one of the world’s global best sellers. Much of sociology is a debate with the ghost and ideas of Karl Marx.
            In this essay I am going to outline and discuss Karl Marx’s theory of alienation. I am also going to talk about where perhaps he may have got some of his ideas from and also I shall give some modern examples of Karl Marx’s alienation.
              Marx believes that alienation is the direct result of capitalism (an economic system based on direct ownership of capital). Marx believed that the industrial world in which people live in, and this can be clearly seen through the 5 aspects of alienation.
  1) Alienation from instruments of labour.
  This refers to human beings as being tools in my opinion. People are just doing the work and are receiving no individual benefit or gain.
  2) Products of labour
  This refers to the workers not belonging to the product, they have no tie to it. It is an alien object to the worker because they do not require it in any shape or form. The worker is alienated from the produce because he/she is working on that object which they will never need or desire.This would have to be a disheartening act for one person to put in so much time and effort which has no relation to their need.
  3) Labour as forced activity
  This aspect of alienation can relate to the mind frames of the employees. Marx believed that the workers became alienated from the object, workers who did repetitive work did not have any emotional tie to the object as they were constantly doing the same thing. This lead to the de-skilling of employees as they were...

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