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Sociology Essay

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Sociological theories can easily be applied to health care issues. Sociology is amongst other things, a systematic study of the development interaction and behaviour of human groups, all of these aspects can have a direct impact on how healthy we are and indeed if we stay that way. The conflict theories of Karl Marx and the functionalist theories of Talcott Parsons are two sociological studies that can be incorporated into a health issue such as obesity in childhood.

Obesity is having a bigger impact than ever before on the National Health Service. Children especially are at great risk of developing serious health issues due to obesity. “The World Health Organisation has acknowledged that obesity is sweeping the world and affects over 1 billion people. Being an overweight or obese during childhood can lead to physical and mental health problems in later life, such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, back pain, low self-esteem and depression. ” (Isd Scotland webpage). There could be many reasons for obesity in childhood for instance bad diet (too much salt, sugar and fatty foods), lack of exercise and genetically inherited diseases. A large amount of money the National Health Service is actually spending on the problem of obesity is going on advertising campaigns, promoting healthy eating in schools and trying to make parents more aware of the impact this is having on their children.

Karl Marx’s conflict theory would suggest that there is an obvious dividing of the classes, with the wealthy or bourgeoisie being capitalists and in control of the means of production i.e. the factories etc, and therefore having the power and control in society. ”Capitalism has been a genuinely revolutionary mode of production. But such achievements have been based on terrible exploitation of workers and, consequently, inevitable and endemic alienation amongst the industrial workforce” (Giddens A, page 75). The working class or the proletariat live in poverty and are...

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