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Sociology Essay

  • Submitted by: linzie06
  • on March 27, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Linzie Ti’i
Sociology 1a
Tutorial: Wednesday at 8am

  The Samoan Community are people from the islands of Samoa, within the pacific region, who migrated to Australia in search of better opportunity. We all share similar values, beliefs and ways we go about life. In this community there are two sociological concepts which are present; Culture and Family Life. Being able to recognize these concepts is substantial to understanding the basic fundamentals of a community. Culture is a factor that lies within the Samoan community as they have shared values, beliefs and everyday practices and although culture is essential to this community there is another important concept that means everything to them and that is Family Life. Family life is a contributing factor within the Samoan community as the first teachers and family life is a central element to the Samoan society.
Culture has a variety of meanings however it is defined as ‘the process by which meaning is created within a community which is expressed in a set of values and a way of life that is unique to that community and distinguishes it from other communities’ (cited in Van Krieken et al p 6). This concept of sociology has a great deal to do with how societies are maintained and how societies change within a specific community that is constituted by values and norms. Within the Samoan community they share values which they believe are worthwhile in life and they have norms, which are the rules of behaviour about how people should perform.
These values and norms make the Samoan community who they are and their individuality is shaped by their cultural environment and surroundings, however I have observed that the influence of culture in the Samoan community influences the way in which the people within it have a different view on life. Culture is an outcome of society and society is able to survive and perpetuate itself because of the existence of culture and ‘without culture, we would not be...

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