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Sociology Essay

  • Submitted by: Kiahloueen
  • on November 4, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Sociology essay
Question- assess sociological explanations of the nature and extent of family diversity today
Family diversity and its solo effect on the society has been a high talking point in recent years. I will be using sociological explanations and theories from a range of sociologists to assess the nature and extent of family diversity. Different sociological groups assess the reason for family diversity in dfifferent ways.
Nowadays there are many different types of family around. We orginally started with the traditional nuclear family. This consisting of a mum (housewife) a father (breadwinner) and two children. This was seen as the ‘ideal’ family. However this image that was pushed onto so many people before is starting to fade. We now are becoming more acceptant to homosexual families, not just couples but families too. Gay couples can now adopt or use a surrogate mother or sprem donator to start their own family. This is a big change from the past as people were never really acceptant to homosexual couples let alone families. Society is becoming more aware of the changing ways of homosexuals.
Changes in secularisation means that people are having sexual relations and becoming pregnant without worrying about being married. This again is becoming more accepted into society. Also with the changes in secularisation people are less affraid to get a divorce, this then creates single parent families and reconsituted familes. Attitudes of women are changing too and now that women dont have to financially rely on men , they can go out and get themselves a high level job and therefore dont feel the need to marry. They may just cohabitate or not even look for a relationship at all.
Rhona and Robert Rapoport (1982)believe that we have moved away from the traditional nuclear family as the dominant family type, to a range of different diverse types. Families in Britain have adapted to a society in which cultures...

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