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Society and Eating Disorders Essay

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  • on March 25, 2014
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Society and Eating Disorders: Minority Emphasis

Society and Eating Disorders: Minority Emphasis
Why do women starve? Is it because they can not afford food? Is it because their taste bubs have been altered? Is it because they are white and rich? Do minority women starve themselves too? Why do women over eat? Why do women force themselves to vomit? Why would a full grown woman weighing 95 pounds stand in the mirror and say she looks fat?   It is in the spirit of theses questions that this paper was written.
These questions refer to what is known as eating disorders. Eating disorders involve serious instabilities in eating behavior. This can mean an unhealthy reduction of food intake or extreme over eating. However, having an eating disorder is not about issues with food but more of a sign of underlying problems in that person's life.   Even being encompassed by stresses caused by the obsession with body image can be seen as an eating disorder. For the purposes of this research, eating disorders will refer to anorexia, bulimia and binge eating when specified.
The purpose of this manuscript is to expose how society has forced women into starvation. It will also bring to the forefront the past injustices, in regards to research, that minority women have experienced. A closer look into how African American women perception of “fat” has changed as a result of mainstream America will be revealed. The research will conclude with an example of a treatment regimen that could aide health care providers in diagnosing and treating women with eating disorders.
Eating disorders commonly develop during adolescence or early adulthood, but eating disorders can be triggered even in later adulthood (Becker, et. al. 1999). Anorexia is self starvation. Anorexic persons eat very little even when they are very thin. They have an intense fear of fat and gaining weight. An estimated .5 to 3.7 percent of females suffer from anorexia...

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