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Society Essay

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  • on June 25, 2014
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Juan Pocholo M. Lazo                                                                                   August 17, 2012
section: C31                                                                                                     Polisci Paper 3

      In today’s modern structure of society, active participation by the citizens is one of the most important aspect to governance because the government is meant to serve the people in the sense of protecting the community’s stability and re-enforcing the common good. Henceforth, it is a given that political systems that do not function with the citizen’s active participation is one that does not operate to serve the society.

    If a political system fails to fulfill it’s soul purpose of managing society, then what or who exactly is the government functioning for? We can assume that if such a system is molded away form it’s original purpose it must now be working to benefit other’s, and in our case in the philippines, it is politicians benefiting from the power and authority given to them rather than the people receiving the benefits of having them in power.

    We can just imagine, the weight or gravity democracy is coupled with, given that a successful government is fueled by it. Democracy’s presence in the system creates a natural form of check and balance, wherein the people involved are best served. Moreover, democracy keeps the integrity of the government’s every decision, because personal intents and other biases of the officials are bypassed if they operate as per the needs of the society.

  It is only then we can truly assume that the government is no longer an industry nor an organization that strives re-allocating resources for personal purposes. Generally speaking, active citizens’ participation fuels the entirety of a fully operational government that exist to serve common good among it’s scope.

    In the Philippines, the modes of participatory in governance is limited to electing...

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