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Social Responsibility Essay

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Teresa D. Faucett
Principles of Management
BU1330.01.03.11 - BU1330
Assignment 2.02
Word Count:850

Social responsibility is defined as acting with concern and compassion, aware of the effect of your actions on others, particularly the underprivileged. Social responsibility is important because business choices aren’t just a question of counting how much money you’re bringing in. Informed decision makers consider the impending effect of today’s choices – on people, on the community, and customers’ opinions. Although company results, assets, capitalism, and other old-fashioned financial influences continue to push business, organizations’ reputations and their ability to compete effectively around the world depend on integrating social responsibility efforts into business leader decision making and enterprise performance.
Starbucks is one of the top rated socially responsible companies in the world. They focus on five major aspects: community, environmental, ethical sourcing, wellness, and diversity. The community aspect they encourage both customers and employees to give back to their communities. They encourage getting today’s youth in volunteering by giving grants to youth organizations. The Starbucks Red program contributes money to the Global Fund, which helps people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa. Every time a customer uses their Starbucks RED card or buys a certain blend of coffee they contribute a portion to the Global Fund. In 1197, they created the Starbucks Foundation, was to promote literacy in North America. The foundation has since grown to aiding communities around the globe. It teaches better farmer methods to farmers who grow their crops. The foundation also helps to make sure areas are sustainable to the residents, including improving the quality of the water. They even created the C.O.A.S.T. fund to help with recovery and revitalization of the the Gulf Coast after Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. They believe in providing the highest...

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