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Social Network Essay

  • Submitted by: JoeyMonela
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: English
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Joey Monela

Professor T. Virgil

English 101C

24 September 2013

Internet And Social Networking Affecting Younger Generation More?

Over the span of fifty years, we have experienced much advancement in technology. Without a doubt, most of the technological innovations do us great use. Many older generations consider the people of today’s generation very privileged, for they have all these new high tech gadgets of the twenty-first century that was not available for them when they were young. The Internet is probably one of the greatest technological inventions ever created. On the contrary, the issue on whether or not the Internet and social networking affects the younger generation more than the college generation and the generations before is becoming a concern. Many people may argue social networks are beneficial to the younger generations because it can make communication easier, teach kids invaluable computer skills, and let them have a faster way for learning information. However, others like myself disagree and believe that social networking negatively affects the younger generation due to various reasons, which I will explain throughout this essay.
First of all, although social networks provide us with a faster way of getting a hold of someone and or keeping in touch with one another no matter where we are at in the world just as long as we have Internet connection, many of us forget to recognize the possible detriments one can have being associated with them. One of the biggest detriments associated with social networks would have to be cyber bullying. Before, bullying would typically happen by having face-to-face contact with a bully, but now social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter make it possible for bullies to do their bulling through cyber space.   This really makes it convenient for the bully to do their job because all the bully has to do is write and send tormenting messages to their victim. Because more of the younger...

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