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Social Issues Unit 7 M1 Essay

  • Submitted by: cydneybyrne
  • on March 25, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Hazard | Risk | Risk Level | Action to reduce |
Road/ traffic/ cars | Coming into contact | High | To reduce children must hold adults/staff hands.   1 adult per 2 children.   Adults walk on the road side of the path. |
Unkown people | Coming into contact | Medium | To reduce hold adults/ staffs hands. And stay close at all times. |
Animals and plants children may be allergic to | Children having allergies | Medium | Staff to know about any plants and animals before starting the trip that could cause risk. |
Slipping or tripping along the way | Children getting cuts | Medium | To reduce children and adults to look where their walking making sure they don’t trip or slip on anything along the way. and for staff to bring first aid kit if needed. |
Weather   | Children getting too hot or cold | Medium | To reduce risk children to wear appropriate clothing due to the weather for example. If cold for children to wear coat and if raining having a rain coat or an umbrella; or if weather is hot for children to wear sun cream to prevent sun burn, and to wear a cap. |
Safety discussion with children | Children unaware of where they’re going and getting lost | High | To prevent this children to know exactly where they’re going and where to go and where not to go and what their allowed to do. |
Access to toilets/ wash hands | Unable to use toilet and and washing hands | Low | To reduce this, staff to take a potty and antibacterial hand wash so children can wash their hands. |
Accessible by pushchairs | Unable to move easily around | Low | To reduce this to know where you are going – paths, steps ect. |
Lost child policy | Unsure what to do in event of losing a child | High | To reduce everyone to have knowledge and understanding of lost child policy and take register on outing. |
Plan if someone falls ill | Unsure what to do in event if child becomes ill | High | To reduce everyone having knowledge and understanding of policy. |

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