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Smoking/Persuasive Essay

  • Submitted by: enmcninch
  • on March 18, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Smoking/Persuasive" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Cigarette smokers have a variety of problems related to their smoking. These issues affect the smoker sometimes as much as they affect their loved ones.   Three main problems include but are not limited to the following: cigarette odor, expensive to purchase and are unhealthy.
You can smell the lingering smoke of cigarettes on a person who smokes:   at the checkout line, in their house and even in their vehicle.   The smell of cigarette smoke is very loud and obtrusive when taken in by a non smoker.   Non smokers are subjected to cigarette smoke more often in their own homes than in public areas because of anti smoking awareness.   More and more public places are becoming areas that don’t allow smoking cigarettes.   Even though, people who do smoke carry a continuous odor that is offensive to the public.
Despite the toxic fumes that a smoker puts into their body and atmosphere on a daily basis, which is the result of their cigarette addiction, is also a very expensive habit. In the state of Maine people who smoke Marlboro cigarettes pay an average of seven dollars per pack.   For an average pack a day smoker that is about fifty dollars a week.   In addition, that is approximately two hundred to two hundred and fifty dollars per month that is spent on cigarettes.
A smoker spends a lot of money to support their habit but the highest price that is paid is self inflicted bad health.   A cigarette smoker lives a day by day death sentence because of the toxins that they inhale.   A few problems these toxins cause when inhaled regularly are: gingivitis, skin that ages early, and lung disease.   These same problems can be inflicted on the smokers’ loved ones when they smoke around them.
In conclusion, the problems that arise from long term smoking are significant but luckily smokers are more aware of the dangers of smoking and have a lot of opportunity to get help.   There are numerous anti smoking aids and programs designed to enable a smoker to quit.   Such as the Maine...

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