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Smoking Essay

  • Submitted by: tkdcasey
  • on March 27, 2014
  • Category: English
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Megan curtis   nvva   March 18, 2014
Whether   you   know   it   or   not   you   are   killing   yourself   right   this   very   second!   Put   that   cigarette   down   this   instant   because   after   this   you   won’t   want   to   pick   up   or   maybe   even   look   at   another   one   ever   again.   Smoking   kills   everyone   and   no   one   will   survive.   Cigarettes   are   NOT   your   friend   and   it   kills   anyone   who   gets   near   it. Would   you   ever   want   to   harm   yourself   in   anyway   after   knowing   the   harmful   effects   this   little   thing   can   do   not   only   to   yourself   but   to   others   around   you?
Do   not   think   I   am   just   wasting   my   time   writing   this   because   I   most   certainly   am   not   and   I   am   trying   to   warn   everyone   about   the   reasons   you   should   never   pick   up   or   start   smoking   another   cigarette   ever.   For   one   lets   start   off   with   the   minor   effects   it   has   on   your   body.   These   side   effects   include   yellow   teeth,   smelly   breath,   and   a   very   unattractive   cough   most   people   like   to   call   “smokers   cough.”   As   you   can   see   already   those   side   effects   are   not   the   most   attractive   traits   to   give   your   appearance   and   your   own   body   to.   Now   on   to   the   huge   effects   which   are   diseases,   all   different   kinds   of   cancer,   and   even   death.   So   after   hearing   all   of   those   which   the last   one   includes   death,   are   you   really   going   to   risk   your   life   for   nothing?   I   really   hope   not   or   else   you   know   exactly   what   could   happen!   All   of   those   effects   also   not   only   include   just   yourself   but   every   single   person   surrounded   by   the   cloud   of   smoke   or   as   I   like   to   call   the   cloud   of   death   and   it   is   not   polite   or   healthy.   Did   you   know   that   just   in   this   country   alone   more   than   53,800   secondhand   smokers   die   each   year?   If   you   smoke   did   you   also   know   you   contribute   to   that   number   of   deaths?  
In   conclusion,   I   hereby   state...

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