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Smartphones Essay

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The use of Smartphones in Australia has been increasing exponentially in recent years.   The popularity of Smartphones in Australia can be related to the capability of Smartphones to act as communication devices and for other uses.   Just like ordinary phones, Smartphones enable communication despite the communicating parties being very far away from each other. In Business, Smartphones are widely used to communicate with business partners.

Smartphones are also widely used to in various stages of business transactions including ordering, purchasing and selling. Smartphones enable business travelers to book and confirm flights whenever they are saving them from the inconvenience of queuing.
For other users Smartphones are an entertainment tool. Today‚Äôs range of Smartphones comes equipped with thousands of applications to entertain their users. Users can play advanced computer games on their Smartphones, watch and download movies, listen to stored music or opt for radio stations. Equipped with superior capabilities to access the internet, Smartphones are used for searching for information on almost every aspect of life. With a Smartphone a user can read news online on what interests them be it politics, sports or entertainment news.   Smartphones also provide valuable sources of information for consumers who are seeking to make a purchase decision.
With these superior capabilities Smartphones are expected to keep dominating the mobile phone market for many years to come. In coming years the Smartphone is expected to become the most preferred device for navigating in unfamiliar places. Secondly, people are likely to integrate more aspects of their lives with Smartphones including security where one can watch their homes using CCTV surveillance. The capabilities of Smartphones may also see them replace some of current technologies as they take over their roles.

Devices such as mobile MP3 players and gaming consoles will be under serious threat from the...

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