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Sky Is Not the Limit for Me Essay

  • Submitted by: siddhikansal
  • on June 25, 2014
  • Category: English
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Everyone always said, "The sky is the limit." (Henty Cho). Pushing us to thrive in our lives so that we can achieve more, surpass, at times stumble and then rise prospered, be the best that we can be. Everybody admits that, but I declare the sky is not my limit for there are footsteps on the moon. The sky is not my limit nor is the moon. I, Ibrahim Mezher, have set my limits beyond the moon, beyond the sun, beyond what is scarce, because there is no abolishment in learning, in accumulating as much knowledge as one can get. To me, pushing myself beyond my limits is not just something that I venture to do on my own, but also something that my religion favors and deems best. My motto is "Failure is not an option" (Kranz Book).
From the time I was a kid, I was thinking about what I desired to be once I become a man. Every person around me already discovered what they desired to become. I constantly imagined I would know the answer as well, automatically as I grew up; the time passed and I still didn't discover what I wanted, until one hot sunny day, five years ago, as I was roaming around, I saw my uncle looking at the people who work and wear black suits towards the bank in astonishment, all types of emotions crossed his face. I went to see what was so captivating, so earth shattering, that nothing could take his attention away from it, so I crossed over to where he was standing and looked up, I didn't understand what was so majestic. I asked him. In that moment I was introduced to the world of business, from that day on, I knew what I wanted to do: business. I commenced looking around me, and each time I am more fascinated than the time before.
As I spent my life in 2 different countries, I saw the enormous differences between Mediterranean and European business systems and models and I became more and more interested in finding out ways in which we, the Mediterranean, could improve our global situation through regional partnerships, global agreement, parliamentary...

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