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Sixth Grade Secrets Questions Essay

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  • on February 27, 2014
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Sixth Grade Secrets By, Louis Sachar
Response Questions
  1. The first conflict of the story happened when Laura made Allison and Tiffany give insurance. If they ever betrayed Pig City, Laura would show their embarrassing items to the whole class. However, Laura didn’t ensure the security of the items. She didn’t anticipate that when the club had reached full size, there would be a breach in the security of Pig City. It was unwise of her to collect insurance in the first place.
  2. Gabriel is motivated to start Monkey Town when he is rejected from Pig City. He wanted to prove that Laura could have her own secret club, he could too. I think this decision is justified. Laura denied him of his dream of joining Pig City, so he has the right to get back at her. Creating Monkey Town proved the point that he didn’t need Laura.
  3. Chapter 22 Dancing on the Edge of a Razor Blade from Yolanda’s point of view:
I did it on purpose. They all knew I did. I’ve had a crush on Jonathan for years. When the opportunity came up to have a love note written for me without actually writing it, I couldn’t resist. I made Karen tell Laura that I told her about Pig City so that I could get “punished” with my love letter. Laura is walking over to Jonathon’s desk, and she’s putting in the letter. I hope this turns out well.
  4. If Gabriel hadn’t eaten the raw egg, then the rest of the story would be different. Gabriel wouldn’t have dared Laura to eat a raw egg in the first place, if he wasn’t prepared to eat one too. When Laura eats the raw egg, it represents the two clubs, Pig City and Monkey Town becoming friends and putting aside their differences. If neither of them had eaten an egg, the story wouldn’t have had a happy ending. Pig City and Monkey Town would still be fighting and Laura would have had to copy seventeen dictionary pages.
  5. The story, Sixth Grade Secrets, takes place in a present day American town. I know this because they have all modern technology like...

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