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Single Sex Schools Essay

  • Submitted by: nicky1996
  • on February 26, 2014
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Single-sex vs. Co-ed School

Competent Judges, esteemed moderator, most worthy opponents, Ladies and Gentlemen, a pleasant good morning. I stand resolute on behalf of the opposition, “Be it resolved that Single Sex Schools are better for students.
Permit me to identify and define what are in our opinion, the significant term after which I will share our perspective of the moot.
thefreedictionary.com defines “single sex” as the same sex, which is strictly a female or a male.
(1) Does not promote proper interpersonal relationships/interactions between the sexes.   In the real world, work places are predominantly some combination of men and women, so if students spend more time just interacting with just one sex, they do not develop the proper skills and nuances of how the opposite sex respond
The major argument in favor of same-sex schools is that by separating the sexes there will be less distractions.   The idea being that, students will not feel the need to impress the opposite sex.   While there may be a modicum of truth to this argument, it is a very weak argument.   A part of education is to prepare students to function in the real world.   Therefore coed schools allow to student to learn what is appropriate behavior toward the opposite sex, i.e. how to be subjected to distractions and the appropriate means of dealing with such distractions.   Single-sex schools do not necessarily eliminate all distraction if this argument were true.   What about students that are attracted to the same sex?   Wouldn’t that distraction still exist?   In fact would you not put the homosexual student at greater risk because he/she is now the target of all other children. Should we then have heterosexual versus homosexual schools?   What about the distraction of white students not wanting to be around black students?   Do we go back to the days of segregation to avoid distractions?   No, this is not realistic.   The real world is diversified, and therefore schools should reflect that...

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