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Similarities and Differences in Adolscents Essay

  • Submitted by: gwamps1974
  • on August 31, 2013
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Similarities and Differences in Adolescents
Christina Howard
August 26, 2013
Vineeta Kapoor

Similarities and Differences in Adolescents
Adolescence is a time in each individual’s life with many changes that are life altering. Each individual may go through the same or similar changes but the experience for each may be perceived very differently. There are differences between boy and girls and the things they each deal with including the onset of the timing of puberty. There are also cultural differences in the way this time in an individual’s life is seen. In some cultures it means they have become a woman or a man. Likewise, there are also historical differences and similarities. Historical events that occurred may have caused the period of adolescence to be viewed differently as in the era before the event and thereafter. Further, trends also have effects on this vulnerable time period in ones like as well. Certain era’s in history saw higher uses of marijuana than others, as one example (Little, Weaver, King, Liu, & Chassin, 2008). Some historical events such as plagues or other health or emotionally trying situations can also influence the timing of the onset of puberty which is often viewed as the beginning stage of adolescents (Ellis, B. 2004). Ultimately, history can show how these similarities and differences associated with adolescents have helped many learn from previous mistakes, and in some cases maybe even made unnecessary mistakes by not paying attention to the past mistakes or believing since something worked in the past it would work again.
Historical Differences
The differences associated with adolescents throughout history has a lot to do with the things going on in each culture at that particular time in history and the external influences that could cause the differences in each geographic location at one particular time. For instance, during the holocaust, adolescents in the affect regions were in one of two groups....

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