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Significant Event of 1968 Essay

  • Submitted by: jrogers912
  • on August 28, 2013
  • Category: History
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Item 1: One of the most important things I found out during my research of events in 1968 was the development and distribution of the Big Mac hamburger from McDonalds.   This is an event that I probably never before would have thought to be very significant but as I have put some thought to it, it seems to be another pivotal moment in American history that happened in 1968.   According to Businessinsider.com, the McDonald’s franchise today is the number one ranked hamburger fast food in the United States for both the number of stores and consumer popularity.   It is my opinion that the introduction of the Big Mac hamburger in 1968 is one of the main reasons that McDonalds has soared consistently on the charts for popularity.   McDonald’s in my opinion is the poster child of the fast food industry.   I can remember when going out as a family on special occasions was a trip to McDonalds but now a trip to McDonald’s is as common as checking email.   The darn restaurants are everywhere!   I mean everywhere.   I have a background in construction and land development and whenever we are looking at starting a project there is always someone asking “Where are we going to put the McDonald’s”.   You know they are imbedded in our culture when you find two restaurants with blocks of one another on the same street.   I believe the momentum started by the introduction of the Big Mac in 1968 has catapulted McDonald’s into a standard for our ever evolving pop culture.
Item 2:  
Item 3:   I would pose the question, “Are McDonald’s and the other fast food restaurants in the industry responsible for the obesity problem that is happening in America right now?”   Could a court of law find them legally responsible in such a left winged society?    
Living in such a vain and commercial society affects every aspect of life in America, even our diet. Make you fat burgers with a side of heart attack fries and a put yourself into a diabetic coma soda are parts of a meal that has become common among...

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