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Siberian Tiger Essay

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The Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica), also known as the Amur, Manchurian, Altaic, Korean, North China or Ussuri tiger is a subspecies of tiger which once ranged throughout Western Asia, Central Asia and eastern Russia, though it is now completely confined to the Amur-Ussuri region of Primorsky Krai and Khabarovsk Krai in far eastern Siberia, where it is now protected. It is the biggest of the eight recent tiger subspecies and the largest living felid, attaining 300 kg (660 lb) in exceptional specimens.[2] Genetic research in 2009 revealed that the current Siberian tiger population is almost identical to the Caspian tiger, a now extinct western population once thought to have been a distinct subspecies.[3]

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1 Physical characteristics
1.1 Pelage
1.2 Size and weight
2 Reproduction
3 Genetics
4 Behavior
4.1 Dietary habits
4.2 Interspecific predatory relationships
5 Habitat
6 History
6.1 Extinction of western populations
6.1.1 Sightings and doubts about western extinction Possible last sighting in Turkey Reported sightings
6.2 Captivity
6.3 Attacks on humans
7 Russia-Iran Re-population project
8 References
9 External links

[edit] Physical characteristics
[edit] Pelage
The pelage of the Siberian tiger is moderately thick, coarse and sparse compared to that of other felids living in the former Soviet Union. Compared to the now-extirpated westernmost populations, the Far Eastern Siberian tiger's summer and winter coats contrast sharply with other subspecies. Generally, the coat of western populations was brighter and more uniform than that of the Far Eastern populations. The summer coat is coarse, while the winter coat is denser, longer, softer, and silkier. The winter fur often appears quite shaggy on the trunk, and is markedly longer on the head, almost covering the ears. The whiskers and hair on the occiput and the top of the neck is also greatly elongated. The background colour of the winter coat is less...

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