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Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested? Essay

  • Submitted by: slackerscracker
  • on August 28, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Should welfare recipients be drug tested? We have many different opinions about this subject. The problem is that so many people are receiving money from the government and using it for things that they are not supposed to. Things like illegal drugs and so on and so forth. Should we be working so hard to earn money to take care of our families and have to give a part of that hard earned money to people whom are doing this? Should tax payers support these addictions? The tax payer’s money should however help those individuals’ families that are going through rough times. People who can afford to buy drugs don’t need help from the government. Welfare should be used for its purpose only. Drug testing is part of many of the working class citizens lives. When starting a new job many companies require that you pass a drug test. After gaining employment many companies require regular screening. Welfare Recipients have never been required to have drug tests to acquire benefits.
Some think that drug testing would decrease the amount of people abusing the system. People who are drug users and refuse to stop or get help will not apply for welfare. Also, drug testing would send a message to society that abusing the system will no longer be tolerated and it would free up extra funds for families who actually need the help. Some also think that drug testing will make people stay clean in order to receive any assistance they would have to stay off drugs. If people really need the assistance money then they will choose to stay clean. Recipients who fail the test or simply refuse to take the test will not receive any assistance.
Favoring sides (people who are all for drug testing welfare recipients) do not want to give government benefits to someone if they are using the benefits to support a drug habit. This could potentially save the government money because so many people will either be denied or just won’t apply for benefits. The opposing side (people who do not agree with...

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