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Should Prostitution Be Legal Essay

  • Submitted by: yuhlin
  • on March 18, 2012
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Should prostitution be legal?
When we hear the word “prostitution”, the first thing that floats up in our mind is that it is illegal. Prostitution is traditionally defined as the act or practice engaging in sexual intercourse for the exchange of money. Because of the sensitivity and complexity of the issue involved, most countries define prostitution as an illegal act. Now, let’s dig out the word “prostitution” and skim through its history. It has been considered as one of world’s oldest professions. This old profession actually originated thousands of years ago. Starting in 2400 B.C., prostitution already existed and was recorded in history. Then it went through the Ancient Greece Era and the Roman Empire. For example, in 500 B.C, the Greek government sponsored brothels set up to ensure that all men could exercise in prostitution. Then, later in the 16th century in Italy, prostitution was punished by the death penalty as a result of their religious beliefs.   In 1950s, Nevada became the first state to legalize prostitution in the U.S. As of 2008, there are, in total, 28 licensed brothels in Nevada. This oldest profession still exists until present (“Historical Timeline of Prostitution”). Over thousands of years; prostitution has been an issue which has caused controversy cross-culturally. Yet, prostitution was neither stopped nor has it disappeared from our society. History tells us that the profession will never end, no matter how much effort governments put in to stop it. Rather than wasting resources to stop it, why don’t we try to regulate it and treat it as a legitimate business?
In fact, the trend of prostitution is growing like a snowball. Theoretically, prostitution wouldn’t last for thousand years if it is really not accepted by our society. Since there are limited options to work for women, a wide range of women, actually are involved in this profession. These women usually are lower class women, single moms, and drug addicts. To these types of women,...

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