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Short Story Essay

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  • on March 17, 2012
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All About A Bird                                                                                          

Belonging. What is belonging? Belonging is a natural thing. We can belong to groups, clubs, societies and most of us long to belong to something. Some scientists argue that to belong is a basic human need. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs belonging comes in above health and safety. Belonging brings many advantages to an individual because of the concepts of sharing and safety. Yet belonging can deny individuals a separate identity since the group now consumes them. This is because joining with others usually involves following sets of rules and being unable just to do as you please. Sometimes these rules are specifically written down but other times they are unwritten and part of the accepted code.
As I sit there on the barbed wire of the fence I look over to one side and I see the vast open space, I see birds chirping and people laughing. I see the ocean, sapphire blue. The luscious green land seemed to stretch as far as I could see. The calm breeze brushing past me. I tried to grasp the peaceful scene and lock into my mind hoping it would change the way I was feeling. Everything seemed so calm, but I had that awkward feeling that I don’t belong here. As I sit there I didn’t feel welcome, I felt like an outsider, I felt alone. Suddenly I heard a loud bang behind me, which made me lose my train of thought. The sound made my ears ring; it was a sharp shrieking noise. I turned around and gazed at the other side. It was a complete opposite view. There were angry men shaking their fist violently and yelling. They were all wearing identical orange jumpsuits.
There was one though. One man seemed to have stood out from all the rest them. The man was sitting on a chair watching the commotion, he didn’t move, he just sat there. He was tall, skinny and had black hair. His skin colour was black, but that wasn’t the thing that isolated him from all the rest. I looked...

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