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Shoe Horn Sonata Essay

  • Submitted by: amieward
  • on August 28, 2013
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English essay – shoe horn sonata, distinctively visual.
Important issues in the world can be brought to mind by engaging visual images. There are many examples of this present in John Misto’s play the shoehorn sonata and also Siegfried Sassoon’s poem suicide in the trenches. Shoe horn sonata was written as a tribute to inform its audience of the little known history of the forgotten prisoners of World War II, focusing on British and Australian nurses, he uses two main characters Bridie and Sheila who tell their experiences from the war. Misto does this in a humorous and often confronting manner. Through the use of distinctively visual techniques, it leads us to think about significant issues in the world, such as the mistreatment that the prisoners of war endure, the affects that the war has on the survivors and the ability of the human spirit to overcome hardships experienced in war.
One significant worldly issue john Misto explores in the play is the mistreatment that the prisoners of war endure. The distinctively visual elements in the play enable the audience to visualize what Bridie and Sheila endured during their imprisonment. This is evident in act 1, scene 1. The stage directions state “Bridie stands in a spotlight. She bows stiffly from the waist, and remains in this position”. Bridie says “they’d make us stand like that for hours in the afternoon sun” by Bridie actually bowing it helps the audience visualize a fraction of what it may have been like for the prisoners at war.   Act 1, scene 4 “another savage yell from lipstick larry , followed by the ugly thumps of young Bridie being punched and hit” The sound of the thumps help the audience understand by creating imagery so they get a sense of the brutal experiences. The use of voice over’s of young Sheila yelling “bridie! Bridie!” lets the audience get a sense of her distress. These visual elements help show the hardships the prisoners endured, during their imprisonment at war.
Another worldly issue...

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