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She Forgot Us Essay

  • Submitted by: Matwolf1
  • on March 26, 2014
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Writing Assignment 1 (Narrative)
14 September 2013

She Forgot Us

The television crackled out a low volume, incoherent dialogue from an episode of Law and Order, while my attention rested solely on her form. The room stunk of a clinging, heavy marijuana smoke, and each exhale post-blunt pass would make the smoke heavier, our smiles wider, with my attention growing all the more focused. I envied the blunt as she pressed it to her lips, carefully grazed her hand with my own while passing it to and from, reveling in the sensation of pressing it to my own mouth – she wore chapstick just for me to taste. We were in love, and we were high.
I pulled her nearer, holding her as we spoke our mindful opinions about the world. We were passionate not only in our relationship, but in our arguments, our debates. I traced her spine with my fingertips, my nose pressed into her hair as we delved from topic to topic, spinning a web of conversation. Finally, we were lost at how we ever began the spiral of subjects, sitting for a moment in pure, anxious silence. She drew her head back for a moment and gave me the most beautiful smile, it was uncensored, unabashed, and it meant everything to me to be on the receiving end. Her pallid complexion drove such an incensed contrast against her charred auburn locks, while her thick-forest eyes pushed the envelope for natural beauty. She intoxicated me, and I became catatonic.
Our lips met. I took the plunge, I showed my cards, and I kissed her. My thoughts staggered as I tried to get my sea legs, and by then I realized she kissed me back; we were enveloped within one another in moments. Love turned to lust, and passion to molestation as we stripped down to our flesh. Our clothing came off in pairs, our hands groping the others form wherever skin existed. Our breathing felt synced, our pulses raced at the same thumping pace, and we made love.
We shared ourselves with the each other. Our skin stuck together from the sweat, but we...

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