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Shattering Glass Essay

  • Submitted by: latrease14
  • on March 19, 2012
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Baseball Bats Are Not Just Used For Shattering Balls.
gAs nice as people are you can not trust them. Clumsy Simon Glass is a nerd, a loser who occupies the lowest rung on the high school social ladder. Simon was better known as the textbook geek of his high school, who has no friends and someone everybody picks on;   that is until Rob Haynes shows up. Haynes is a transfer student, who has something special instore Haynes and his gang of friends Young ,Bob, and Coop had a mission to turn Simon Glass from a total freak to a wanna be prom king.  
However as Simon Glass start's to hang with them and he starts rising to the top   of the social ladder, and it begins to show a whole new side of Simon Glass. He displays a storng level of confidence and a unknown devious side, which becomes extremely power hungry.   "Glass? Rob's posse thought I was dumber than duck doo,but Glass fooled them not me. Sime wasn't what anybody thought he was." - (Lance Ansley).
Simon Glass gets so power hungry that he starts turning on his new friends, after they put there all into maken him a better person. Simon ends up taken coops girlfriend from him. Then after Simon finds out secrects abouts his new friends, He uncovers a dangersous and burtal side that no one likes. Glass got so cought up into his new friends that he cheated for Coop on his ACT and changed his grades in the computer so that he could take a different class, with his father knowing. Althought Simon was a nerd, he was independently wealthy .Simon starts turn his new friends agaisnt each other.
Simons smarts was going to take him far in life, but who know that his new friends was going to bring it to an end very fast. Simons life came to a   end when he and his friends came in the sports closets.When Rob and Coop beat him to death with the baseball bat because he was telling everybodys stuff. They could take it any more so they killed him. The only one that didnt take apart in it was Young.   My Son was the only one...

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