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Shakespeare Essay

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  • on March 19, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Shakespeare" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Chapter 9 Word Wall/Vocabulary:
  1. Two Party System- System where 2 parties share political power through elections
  2. Public Opinion- a survey in which individuals are asked to answer questions about a particular person or issue
  3. Special Interest Group- an organization of people with some common interests who try to influence government decisions
  4. Political Action Committee (PAC)-   established by corporations, unions and special interest groups to support candidates and issues by contributing money
  5. Nonpartisan group- NOT a part of any political party
  6. Primary Election- where party members choose a candidate to represent them   for the general election in November
  7. General Election- November:   election between candidates for each party, someone gets a job after this!
  8. Referendum- people can vote on state laws or amendments
  9. Direct Initiative- people can propose new laws to be voted on by referendum, NOT IN NC
  10. Recall- special election where people can remove an elected official, only in some states NOT NC
  11. Canvassing- going door to door, grassroots campaigning
  12. Presidential Election Campaign Fund (PEC)- $3 of taxes set aside for Presidential candidates to accept, example of PUBLIC FUNDING
  13. Propaganda- material designed to influence a person’s opinion
  14. McCain-Feingold Act- law designed to limit campaign contributions
  15. National Convention- Held every 4 years, where each party officially nominates a candidate for President
  16. Absentee ballot- a way to vote when you will not be in town on election day.
  17. Media Shield Laws- laws designed to protect a reporter’s source

Chapter 9 Word Wall/Vocabulary:
  1. Two Party System
  2. Public Opinion
  3. Special Interest Group
  4. Political Action Committee (PAC)
  5. Nonpartisan group
  6. Primary Election
  7. General Election
  8. Referendum
  9. Direct Initiative
  10. Recall
  11. Canvassing...

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