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Sex Ed. Vrs Abstinance Essay

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  • on June 22, 2014
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Jonathan Stokes
English 155
Instructor Caramess
May 18, 2012
Comprehensive Sex Education vs. Abstinence-Only/ Until Marriage Sex Education
Simply stated teen pregnancy and adolescent STD's are on the rise. It is being proven daily. With Shows like Maury Povich showcasing and even light-weight glorifying it. And then
there are so many songs out that glorify it. Sex Education has been a debatable issue for many years. A stable, rational, and unambiguous relationship between knowledge and behavior is at the heart of sexuality educational debates and in sexuality education research.
Dates of when Sex Education was first taught in schools; dates back as early as the 1830’s. However, Sex Education didn't get noticed or take a dramatic effect in schools, until about the early 1900's. Additionally, in 1913, Chicago became the first major city to implement Sex Education for High schools. For instance, did you know that during the 1920's schools finally began adding Sex Education to their curriculums(Cornblatt 1). Then during, the 1930's, the U.S. Office of Education started publishing articles and training teachers.
In fact during, the 1940's and 1950's colleges began adding courses on Human Sexuality to their curriculum. One key point is that in 1964, Mary Calderone, a physician who had been the medical director of Planned Parenthood, founded the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). SIECUS was created, in part to challenge the hegemony of the American Social Hygiene Association. This then dominated Sex-Education curriculum development (Cornblatt 2).
To point out in 1982 under the Reagan administration the AFLA (Adolescent Family Life Act) was passed by congress. The AFLA was designed to prohibit the discussion of abortion services among young women. The AFLA also helped secure the switch in sex education debates, from the conflict over whether sex education should be taught in public schools, to what type of curriculum...

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