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Sex Ed Essay

  • Submitted by: smesa79
  • on March 1, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Sex Ed" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

⦁ Common knowledge about human biology informs us that children begin to experience their first sexual urges upon entering middle school. You can't choose to release hormones like testosterone or estrogen into your body. At that stage in life, we don't "choose" to become sexually attracted to other people.   Unchecked hormones, as well as the fact that it has become socially acceptable to begin dating in middle school, make it necessary to inform children of the importance of sax education. Kids WILL learn about sexuality somehow at the time of puberty. Mother Nature sees to that. Either they can learn the facts of sex in schools, or we can ignore sexual education, which will inevitably lead to more young teens participating in unsafe sex. If teens don't know the importance of safe sex, it becomes far easier for them to find themselvs practicing in unsafe sexual activities.

⦁ Some of you may have heard of the scandal of Rockdale County, Georgia, in which over 200 students were discovered to be engaged in a community sex ring, ages 13 to 18. They were discovered due to an outbreak of syphilis amongst the ring. Rockdale County schools refused to include sex education in their curriculum, and parents turned a blissfully blind eye to their children’s behaviors, or assumed that their moral teaching was successfully keeping their children away from sex. Unfortunatly that was not the case and the county chose to revamp their sex ed. program. Upon hearing about this, thousands of school districts did the same.

⦁ Parents are already included closely in the curriculum forming process for both health and sex education. Children can easily be opted out of sex education or pieces of it, which fits some parents' ideologies. Also, most parents are not always trained or capable of educating their children about sex. Some kids have absentee parents, irresponsible parents, or parents who are simply too embarrassed to do anything but tell their child not to have sex. This is a...

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