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Separation of Powers Essay

  • Submitted by: egmunoz33
  • on February 27, 2014
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What is the significance of the Separation of Powers?
The brilliance of the division of power within the federal government is that each branch has been given just enough power to make a difference, but not so much power as to be allowed to successfully give into the temptation of tyranny. The limitations on power given to each of the three branches of government is known as the system of checks and balance and it is precisely the limits on power, rather than the authority given, that oils the machinery of democratic progress. Ambition has been counteracted by the placement of limits upon how much power the legislative, executive and judicial branches enjoy. For instance, the laws of American created by Congress, but the president can use his veto power if he decides for some reason that the law is no just. At the same time the Congress has the power to override this veto if the support for the bill is great enough. Even if the Congress and the President both agree that a bill should become a law, however, that law can still eventually be stricken down soon at some point during the judicial process. The Supreme Court is endowed with the power to declare a law unconstitutional. The limitations are such that neither congress, nor the President, nor even the Supreme Court is given sole power to determine the legislative process in America. For that matter, even the states have the potential to impress upon the laws of the land a matter of exploiting the Constitutional limitations by taking part in the process of ratifying an amendment to the Constitution which would then override the Supreme Court’s rationale for declaring a law unconstitutional. These limitations of the powers on the branches of government provide further protection against the threat of tyranny existing in any one particular branch.
Which power would you add or take away from the branches?
I will not take away any power, our country had work for centuries with this particular powers that I...

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